Emergency Evacuation Policy

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

All staff are responsible for the Health and Safety of all persons that use the setting. These include children, young people, parents, volunteers, members of the public and other staff members.

Each staff member must ensure that;

  • All  fire exit doors are unlocked and kept free of any obstruction
  • All corridors and door ways are kept free of any obstruction
  • They are familiar with the location of all fire alarm points
  • They are familiar with the evacuation procedure
  • All fire extinguishers are in their allocated position and are operational
  • A phone is available and charged at all times
  • They understand their allocated specific tasks in an emergency
  • They have received the basic fire safety training given to all staff
  • They are familiar with the Emergency Evacuation drill

Emergency Evacuation drills should be carried out monthly and must be carried out within two weeks of a new intake of children / young people.

 What to do in the event of discovering a fire, flood or any other reason for an emergency evacuation;

  • Stay Calm
  • Sound the alarm
  • Walk do not run
  • The setting staff will lead the children / young people into  the Entrance of the church picking up the registers, setting mobile phone, emergency contact details for children and staff and emergency bag on the way
  • The registers will be called
  • The staff will check the registered areas, premises including the toilets and
  • close the doors (if possible) when confident that there are no people left inside
  • Call 999 giving clear details of the situation to the emergency services (including number of children, staff, visitors and possible impact)

If the Emergency means that we are unable to stay on site, we have agreement to move to the local school, Corpus Christi.  We have risk assessed our route to the school and this is kept with our emergency bag.  Gathering all available support we walk or transport the children to the school.  We will contact parents to collect their children and can be contacted on our setting mobile 07926017234 or through Corpus Christi school  01934621919

Practice Emergency Evacuation drills will be carried out monthly and different scenarios will be covered. Details of the drills will be logged in the Emergency Evacuation log book, with any problems and solutions noted.  Details will include; date, time, number of children, number of staff, how long the evacuation took and comments.

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