Corporal Punishment Policy

Corporal Punishment Policy

The use of corporal punishment is not acceptable and whilst there may a legal defence for parents who physically chastise their children, this does not extend, in any circumstances, to those adults who work with or on behalf of children and young people.

Where children display difficult or challenging behaviour, adults must follow the promoting positive behaviour policy outlined by their place of work, and use strategies appropriate to the circumstance and situation.  The use of physical intervention can only be justified in exceptional circumstances and must be used as a last resort when other behaviour management strategies have failed.

Where a child has specific needs in respect of particularly challenging behaviour, a positive handling plan may be drawn up and agreed by all parties. Only in these circumstances should an adult deviate from the behaviour management policy of the organisation.


This policy was adopted by Noah’s Ark Pre school (name of provider)
On 29.08.19 (date)
Date to be reviewed 29.08.20 (date)
Signed on behalf of the provider
Name of signatory Samantha Greenhow
Role of signatory (e.g. chair, director or owner) Manager


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