Babysitting Policy

Babysitting Policy

At Noah’s Ark Pre- school we do not provide a babysitting service outside of our normal operating hours.  However, we understand that parents sometimes ask Pre-school staff to babysit for their children and this policy has been implemented to clarify some points regarding private arrangements between staff and parents.  Please also refer to our Safeguarding Children Policy.

The Pre-school is not responsible for any private arrangements or agreements that are made this is between the staff member and family, however we do expect staff members to inform us if they are babysitting or caring for a child that attends the Pre-school outside of the setting.  We require the staff member and parent to sign a copy of this policy which we will keep on file for the child and staff member.

Each time a staff member babysits it should be recorded in the ‘babysitting diary’ before the babysitting takes place.

We have rigorous recruitment and suitability processes in place to ensure that we employ competent and professional members of staff and uphold our duty to safeguard children whilst on our premises and in the care of our staff.  This procedure includes interviews, references, full employment history and DBS checks as well as several other processes.  Whilst in our employment all staff are subject to ongoing supervision, observation and assessment to ensure that standards of work and behavior are maintained in accordance with our policies.  We have no such control over the conduct of staff outside of their position of employment.  Parents should make their own checks as to the suitability of a member of staff for babysitting.

We will not take responsibility for any health and safety issues, conduct, grievances or any other claims arising out of the staff member’s private arrangements outside of Pre-school hours.  The member of staff will not be covered by the Pre-school’s insurance whilst babysitting as a private arrangement.

Out of hours work arrangements must not interfere with the staff members employment at the Pre-school.

All staff are bound by contract of the Confidentiality Policy and Data Protection Act that they are unable to discuss any issues regarding the Nursery, other staff members, parents or other children.

The Pre-school has a duty of care to safeguard all children attending the setting so if a staff member has some concerns for a child following a private babysitting type arrangement they need to pass these concerns on to the Safeguarding lead within the setting.

If a staff member is to take the child at the end of that child’s Pre-school session (which may not be the end of a Pre-school day) the manager will require written permission from the parent/carer.  It will be the staff member’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate insurance, mot and child restraints or child safety seats if they are transporting them in a car.

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